Ten beautiful years

Ten – official, legally bound, years.

Love, loss, and joyously beautiful chaotic journey.

Us – the foundation that builds it all.

Without contrast, life would be a blur. Subtle images, flitting and churning together with no real significant points of punctuation or reprieve.

Love – the burn and fade of a heart in turmoil, the space created by our two souls choosing each other with every breath.

Together we’ve built an empire of greatness and dreams unknown, achieved in excess.

We live.

We love.

We grapple with the mysteries of our own humanity, tumbled against the polishing sands and grit of a world we often resist.

We hold hands.

We are us and us is what we say.

Our journey is our gift.

Thank you for seeing me – believing I’m the person that is worth growing old and wrinkled with.

Thank you for looking into the cracks of a facade you married and seeing the beauty longing for someone extraordinary.

Thank you for hearing my voice rise above yours, seeing my fists pound against imagined threats and witnessing my crumbling and then rebuilt and towering spirit.

Thank you for shaking me and holding my face to the light of what is possible and believing in something completely unknown and blissfully mysterious.

Thank you for taking my hand, though I may jerk it away in fear, then holding it close and saying,

Challenge accepted.

Happy 10th Anniversary.