It’s not hard

I don’t believe in hard. Removing hard from my life has not only lightened the load on my psyche but it has opened up things I never saw as possible.


Yeah, I get that. I completely get it. Hard, no, life isn’t hard. Life isn’t shitty or cruel or unfair. Life is life. Things are things and we are us. It’s just that. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Ever since baby four began growing in my tummy I have heard an extraordinary amount of opinions and questions about our life.

How are you doing that? Isn’t it hard with three (four) kids?!

I could never do that.

I had four kids, it was so hard. We never went anywhere or did anything. You’ll stop doing things once you have four.

Well, with four, you can kiss your you time good-bye.

Ok, thank you for sharing. I appreciate your communication but, no. Nope. I’m not going to wear anyone’s idea of how my life should be. I’m not going to relive someone else’s experience of family or life or not living. No.

Hell no.

You see, when things get tricky, when challenge presents itself, when opportunity masquerades as chaos…that is when we have the ridiculous human ability to fight or flight. I refuse to fly. I refuse to run from life and make excuses because someone else says it’s supposed to be hard.


I will butt my damn head against the walls that block me and I’ll do it until I’m bloody and the dust and pebbles of the mortar start to crack. Walls can come down. Nothing is permanent. Nothing is impossible.

Yes, I have four kids. Yes, we do co-op preschool and homeschool and occupational therapy and travel and recently I picked up responsibility where I was once a very free freelance writer. Yes, my kids are now getting acquainted with the world of baby sitters and mom going to an office and transitions can be big and scary and difficult.
But, it’s not hard.

For all the people and moms that hold back because of what they’ve been told is hard… For all the people that don’t speak up and follow a dream because they don’t deserve it or shouldn’t want more for themselves… For every single person that ever quit on themselves and now takes it upon themselves to tell others to do the same… For the mom’s that want to be their best self for their families but don’t do anything about it because of opinions…

Fuck that.

You are worth it. You deserve it. It’s never going to be harder to go for it than it will be to regret not going for it. When it feels impossible, keep pushing. Push until you’re crazy. Push until the world laughs at you. Push. Find the place you’re comfortable and light it on fire. Walk through the fire and feel the extreme accomplishment of getting rid of the slag that weighs you down. Walk away from the safety of opinions and perceptions. Create something beautiful and new and brilliant.

Because, never in the history of ever has there ever been a person as incredible as you and never has there been a person that could bring to the world what you are capable of bringing.

Because, you.

Hard is bullshit.

You, you are limitless.

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