Because I Said So: An ode to my children

I will not be the motivating mom.

I don’t believe in motivation or divine cosmic bullshit. I don’t believe it will ever be easier or harder or I’m ever going to feel like it. You probably won’t either. That’s ok. Do it anyway.

I don’t believe in can’t or should. These are traps that speak in your head to hold you apart from your greatness. Notice them but don’t give them power. Hear them in your head right before you’re about to do the impossible… then tell those words to back the heck off and watch this.

I do believe in momentum. In being and acting in direct correlation with a commitment to an outcome or effect. I believe in setting life in motion and building that snow ball until it’s unstoppable – until you couldn’t go back the other way if you wanted to. Believe me, you don’t.

I think subtleties are for boutique fashion and bold out-there personality is for the thought shifter, the time bender, the world changer. I’ll never stop you from being weird or different or dressing like a ninja princess knight with wings. I’ll hand you a sword.

I believe that when someone tells you you’re going to be a shitty X or a mediocre Y, that’s your cue to blow life out of the water. Smash expectation to bits – lean so far into your action that you forget the critics and only remember the impact you’re out to make. Be who you are and show up in all your greatness. I’ll be right there to embarrass you with my sweary awkward cheering.

Being a world changer isn’t hard. It’s not easy either. Hard and easy are also words veiled with good intentions. Be mindful of those two. World changing is a shift in being. A shift so great that you won’t be able to use the word mediocre. It’s a stand for your own greatness and in knowing, with that single action, your greatness will shift the consciousness others. You will reach into souls and pull their awesomeness out into the open; it will kick and scream and hide – and you will hold it up to their eyes and watch as they see their own light. I’ll do this to you over and over if I have to so you get the hang of it. After all, I’ve endured enough of your screaming to be immune to it for a good cause.

When the nay sayers hold up their yield signs, you will look higher, farther and be blind and deaf to their calls and halts.

Push past opinions.

Push past circumstance.

Push until your soul wants to rip itself out of the body that can barely keep up.
And then, push a little more. Like I did to bring you into this world.

I recently learned that the probability of being you, of being me and of being a lone human in this world is one in 10 to the 2,685,000 power. It’s a cosmic joke. Every one of us is extraordinary just by virtue of being born. You are an effing miracle.

A miracle.

Never accept yourself as less than a miraculous happening. Never roll over and accept a fate you didn’t create. Never accept less than your greatness.
Average, mediocre, plain… those aren’t what you are.

Not ever.

If you ever doubt it, hear my voice telling you with unequivocal proof…

You’re a miracle…
Because, I said so.

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