The superficial About:

Amber is a happily married mother of three energetic little ones under the age of 5. She maintains a lovely log home on a horribly maintained dirt road in Eastern Washington. She is both a dog and cat person and likes long walks in the woods and getting lost on road trips. Her life is a smattering of subtopics which include plant-based eating, weight loss, crochet, homesteading, momisms, writing, introspection… Her personal dream is to be a published author as well as have a thriving life coaching practice. She aspires to mom greatness but falls short of the Pinterest mark on most days.


The raw About:

I struggle. I cry. I laugh. I am an aspiring novelist but am paralyzed by the fear of completing my first manuscript because any number of far fetched tragedies may occur. I fear ruining my children and so, I’m hypervigilent to give them as much of everything that I am humanly able to give. As a wife, I struggle to be supportive and compassionate to my husband and often find it easier to just blame him for everything that goes wrong. I am a happy person but often am told that I should be happier, more joyful and the ever present request from my husband to be ‘nicer.’ I would never describe myself as sweet but am told that I’m a good friend. I’m creative to a fault, eccentric in my thinking and presentation of ideas and a dreamer that fears fruition. My kids are basically my life and I am living under a constant crushing guilt that I’m not good enough for them or that I’m missing something pivotal to their happiness. This all sounds so dark, which, I’m not, but I grow tired of reading fluff and sugar about people when really they hide these little nuggets of authenticity deep inside. I’m learning that the more we just grip the reality and stop glossing it the easier it is to just be and be present to all the blessing we actually have. The fear is real but hiding it makes it insidious. Calling it out and owning it…it’s a whole new realm of creation.  I am quite happy with our life on the dirt road. I love our home and don’t really care that it’s usually crusty, sticky and covered in crumbs. I am dabbling in turning our little piece of scab rock into a thriving homesteadish oasis as well as chasing kids and dreams. This blog, well, it’ll be as close to a true account of my adventures in all of that as I can muster.