7 reasons I’m not ‘normal’

There are a lot of opinions as to what a normal mom or normal wife or normal person should be. I have read so much on the subject of what I should be that I’ve decided, I’m not that. I won’t ever be and that’s totally fine. I own my weird and I hope others can too. There’s a freedom in liking the off parts of yourself. There’s joy in dancing your own unique dance and knowing that it is just that, your own.


7 testaments to my weirdness:

1. There are more than 5 animal skulls in my freezer. I’m not even sure where they came from. I think there’s a badger, a couple coyotes, a porcupine… I forget they are there every once in a while and get a nice surprise when I open the sacks.

2. There’s a worm farm under my kitchen sink. On purpose. My husband got a wild hair to save a few red wigglers after fishing. The next day I found him and the kids shredding newspapers and soaking it with water. Now I have worms making dirt in my house. I think it’s cool. I talk to them when I give them coffee grounds.

3. I often garden in my underwear. Bikinis are awesome but I don’t always have time to find one. Plus, the kids and I often spend whole days in our undies. It saves on laundry. Very green.

4. I get a lot of enjoyment out of poking dead things with sticks. I poke poop too just to see what an animal ate. I touch eyeballs and hold elk guts while a hunter is trying a new animal dressing technique. I pick hair off of a hanging carcass of meat and I allow my husband to boil whole deer heads in my canner in the kitchen. Dead animals are interesting and a great opportunity to really see how life works. I dig it.


5. I employ my dogs as the first step in dishwashing. I even call one dog ‘The Closer’ because no one can clean a cast iron skillet like she can.

6. I’m not exactly a tidy housewife. I consider my duties as a stay-at-home person to be more along the lines of adventures with the kids, facilitating learning and making sure no one dies. The house will always be here and it’ll always need some form of cleaning. I boast about my clean house when my toilets or floors are clean (not usually at the same time) and simultaneously there is crusted food on the walls. I choose my battles.

7. I think it’s totally fine to pee in the shower and even encourage the kids to do it (while they’re showering) to save on diapers and little boy toilet aim issues. The water all goes to the same septic system. No big deal.


So, there you have it. I like to think that normal is more of a spectrum. That way I can slide around a bit.